The effective solution that optimize your mobility.

Customized mobilization for your progress and safety. Simple and easy to use.

Suitable for everyone. Adapted for you.

Improve your WOD performance, speed up recovery and push the limits of your progress.

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  • Simple
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How much mobility do you think you have?

Let yourself be guided by the ease of use of the GOWOD mobility test and discover your personal mobility score, your strengths and weaknesses.

Will you be more mobile than your friends? You might be surprised by the result!

More than a hundred exercises on video

Free of charge, more than one hundred high quality exercises, sorted by zone, type or tool.

Follow the performance points for optimal execution.

Mobilize according to your wishes, at any time.

You decide.


Custom protocols.
Adapted to everyone. Adapted for you.

To be performed before the WOD, adapted to the movements of your workouts and your weak point in order to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Self-massage protocols to be performed just after the WOD, to accelerate your recovery and promote your relaxation, adapted to the movements you have just performed.

Stretching protocols to be performed at home, adapted to your personal weakness in order to increase your mobility and flexibility over the long term.

Unleash your full potential now

Improve your performance in WOD

Foster an effective technique

Optimize the transfer of your strength

Accelerate your recovery

Reduce your risk of injury.

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