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GOWOD is the only mobile application that allows you to test and improve your mobility in a personalized way.
GOWOD is an application for smartphones. For a maximum user experience, the GOWOD team recommends using only on smartphones.
GOWOD is available as a free download from the AppStore and Play Store.
This problem is due to the automatic entry of your email. Please enter your email manually and do not use the automatic email entry feature.
This message indicates that it has an input error either in your email, your password or both. Enter the correct address and password to log in.
Just click on "Forgotten password" on the login page, a new password will be sent directly to your mailbox.
Your password is too short, it must be at least 6 characters long for security reasons. You must therefore change your password.
After logging into your account from the GOWOD application, go to "Settings" (bottom right tab), then select "Change password".


Once you have created your GOWOD account with a simple email address, you can test your mobility for the first time for FREE from the tab "Dashboard" (in the form of a lap counter) located at the bottom left of the screen, and consult the general and detailed score. You can also view FREE and unlimited access to the INTEGRALITY of high quality mobilization exercise videos, sorted by "ZONE","TYPE" and "TOOL", from the "Video Library" tab at the bottom of the screen.
The GOWOD Premium offer provides access to totally new features designed to optimize your mobility progress, improve performance, speed up recovery and reduce the risk of injury.
These features are:
- Access to the GOWOD mobilization protocols adapted to each context, the time you have at your disposal, and depending on the case, the movements you perform in WOD, as well as your weak point of mobility.
- The possibility to take your mobility test every month in order to objectively assess your progress.
- The integration of your most cost-effective weakness to improve to your user profile, so that it is taken into account in your protocols "PRE WOD", and "QUOTIDIEN".
Yes. By subscribing for the first time to one of the two GOWOD Premium offers, you should know that your first withdrawal will only be effective after a period of 7 days, which will allow you to experience the GOWOD experience in its entirety FREE OF CHARGE. If, however, you are not satisfied with the GOWOD Premium experience, simply cancel your subscription before the end of this 7-day period. In this case, you will not be charged and the full functionality of GOWOD Premium will no longer be available to you.
You have two options to subscribe to one of the GOWOD Premium subscriptions :
- From the GOWOD mobile application, using the buttons at the bottom of the GOWOD Premium presentation screen.
- Directly from the secure payment system of the website by following this link
You can use your promotional code directly from the promotional code subscription system by clicking on this link below which will guide you step by step to validate your promotional code and benefit from the offer attached to it.
On ANDROID : Go to Playstore, select "My account", then "Subscriptions", then "Manage". You will then be able to cancel. By taking this action, the full functionality of GOWOD Premium will no longer be available to you at the end of your subscription contract, or instantly if you are on a 7-day trial period.

On iOS : Touch the "Settings" icon on your iPhone, then "iTunes Store and App Store". Touch your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Then touch "Show Apple Login". You will be invited to authenticate yourself using your Apple ID. Type your iTunes password. Then touch the button "Subscriptions", then "GOWOD Premium". You will then be able to cancel. By taking this action, all GOWOD Premium features will no longer be available to you at the end of your subscription contract, or at the end of your 7-day trial period if you are in this configuration.

Utilisation des fonctionnalités de GOWOD

Carry out your GOWOD mobility test at least two hours after getting up, without mobilization or warm-up or prior training. If you are a GOWOD Premium user, for maximum objectivity, carry out your GOWOD mobility test every month in the same conditions as the previous month.
- Make sure you use the correct spelling
- If this movement remains absent from the database, and it is still a movement performed in the practice of functional fitness (except for the movements of "Strongman" and "Functional Bodybuilding"), you can indicate the movement (s) concerned by email to the following address:
Always validate the end of your protocols by pressing the blue circle with the "Check" logo after the execution of the last exercise, so that GOWOD gives you access to the next protocol. The "DAILY" protocols are designed as a mobility program, offers you a very high variance of exercises, improves your general mobility while insisting on the weak point configured in your profile. The "DAILY" protocols must be carried out at least 3 hours before or after training.
For maximum efficiency, here is what the GOWOD team recommends for you:
- Always perform a "PRE WOD" before training. These protocols are adapted to the movements you are going to make and insist on your configured weak point if it is brought to be solicited by one of the movements of your WOD. They improve your WOD sensations and performance, and reduce your risk of injury.
- Always perform a POST WOD immediately after the WOD. These protocols, based on self-massage, relax your body and already help your body recover faster from your workout. They also reduce the risk of chronic injuries, such as tendinopathies, by reducing the tension of the muscles in their inserts.
- Perform a "DAILY" protocol every day (including the rest day) taking care to do so at least 3 hours before or after training. These protocols, based on long stretches, improve your mobility and overall flexibility over the long term, by systematically focusing on the weak point configured in your profile.
You can carry out a "POST WOD" protocol at home by entering the movements of the last WOD performed.
You can also target a specific area by viewing all the mobilization videos in the GOWOD video library ("drawer" tab), tapping the "BY TOOL" button, and then selecting the material you have.
Yes. The "DAILY" protocols are not specific to the practice of functional fitness. It is a program that aims to improve your mobility (essential for everyday life) and your flexibility in the long term while emphasizing the weak point integrated in your profile. The exercises they include reduce stress on the body, improve general well-being, can make it easier to fall asleep, and fight against sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for long periods of time, long car journeys, computer work, stress and anxiety; performed daily, these very varied protocols release you from the tensions caused by our modern way of life day after day.
This is normal, each GOWOD Premium account is attached to an iTunes or Google account, each iTunes or Google account can only be linked to one GOWOD Premium account.
If you have subscribed to GOWOD Premium on a platform (iOS or Android), it is not possible to change it at the moment. If you change mobile phone and want to keep your subscription, please cancel your account on your old mobile phone and then resume a new GOWOD Premium subscription on your new mobile phone.
This is normal if you have a GOWOD Premium subscription from an Android phone with your Google account. As your subscription is attached to your Google Account, it cannot be used on an Apple device, which does not support subscriptions from Google.
All you have to do is send an e-mail to the following address: indicating the email used to create your GOWOD account, as well as the precise description of your problem.
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